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How To Travel Through The Woods Safely

Taking a walk in the woods is a great way to get away from people, experience nature and have a small adventure.  For many people, driving off to the woods is a great escape.  When there you can take a small hike to clear your head or spend a few days camping and getting away from technology and getting back to nature.

When it comes to traveling through the woods you want to do it safely.  The authorities who maintain the area can only do so much. Hiring tick control highland springs experts to rid the forest of irritating and sometimes dangerous ticks or mosquitoes is not something that forest caretakers do. It’s up to you to watch out for, and know about, potentially risky insects and animals.

tick control highland springs

Tell people where you are going

The biggest issue with people getting into trouble is not telling people where they are going.  Many people just want to get out there in the woods and start exploring.  Even though this sounds like a good idea and a fun way of doing things, it can lead to danger and unforeseen situations. 

Before you go tell people what your general plan is.  You will travel to a waterfall or to a specific place on the map.  You will camp in a general area and you will be back on a certain date.  When you give these general clues and plans to friends and family, they can relay this to others in case you don’t make it back or if they feel you’re in trouble.

Take flares and communication devices

When traveling through the woods you may feel that you don’t want to lug a lot of stuff with you.  Trust me, I understand that.  However, you do need to take food, water and some basic supplies.  You want to take a few flares, a cell phone or some type of device the people can track you on. 

There are a lot of things that you can do have fun and be safe in the woods.  Good planning in advance can make your spontaneous adventures that much more enjoyable.